Lamb Wars

by Jared Brown

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All songs written & preformed by Jared Brown featuring Zacharie Carriere on drums tracks 1-6, David Trenaman on drums tracks 7 & 8 and Colleen Collins on keyboard tracks 5 & 9

Was recorded/mixed at The Quarantine in Port Greville, Nova Scotia by David Trenaman & Colleen Collins & Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering in Montreal, Quebec


released October 24, 2011



all rights reserved


Jared Brown Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: Devil Sounds
Don't really wanna talk about it i just want to be free
free as a bird in the sky they know why your gonna die
all you needs a little salvation and to avoid temptation
put your feet on solid ground, rebuke the devil sounds

I try to look up but there dragging me down
look out for the devil sounds
i try and look up but there dragging me down
watch out for that new age sound

I wanna be alive when i die
lifes passing by just dont cry
i wanna see the sky when i die
its about the things money cant buy

what do you want to know
heaven above, hell below
passing through the crowed
speaking out loud
im not guessing its fortold
when god made you he broke the mold
its going to end real real soon
i hate to burst your balloon

Fasten your seat belt where going for a ride
going back in time can you solve the crime
what do you think do you need a drink
the worlds going up in flames no time for foolish games
Track Name: Spilled Juice
I dont know why
but i still cant get you out of mind
this time, it is an uphill climb
I thought it was real
and i was about to steal your heart
in the dark i guess im off the mark

looks like i keep messing up
keep on spilling the cup
the end is drawing near
you sure look good my dear

looks like you where right
im never right, but i love you
i do, going to break through
looks like im losing my mind
seem to be loosing the dam thing all the time
im just fine, behind the battle lines

i know its coming and i kind of know when
All the King’s horses and all the King’s men,
couldn’t put this world back together again.
I made up my mind right there and then.
Track Name: How Dose It Feel
there was a man who thought he had a plan
to save the world one day then he died and went to heaven
he woke up it was all a dream and what had seemed to be real
diddnt apply to the mass apeal

how dose it feel to be real and not apart of the deal
dose it make you mad, dose it make you sad dose it make you glad
to be alive, this worlds a dive cant you realize
its just a matter of time before we die
but dont cry it will be alright

then he was jumping up and down like he was on charlie brown
there where two voices talking to him
one told him to die, the other said learn to fly
so he bought himself a pair of wings to see what fate brings
Track Name: Long Time
i dont know what to say to you
I feel brand new but im a little blue
where playing cards for high stakes
hit the breaks for heavens sake
ya know the devil aint that smart
an angry heart & a world apart

been telling you for long time a pretty long time
ive been loving you for a long time a pretty long time
has the cat caught your tongue only the good die young
im sure we will get through far from the life that we once knew

its starting to make sense
at my own expense, i jumped the fence
im just thankful to god above
what is love, your all i ever dream of
it wont be long now so ill wait
thats our fate lets celebrate
Track Name: Its A War
what do i do what do i say
you wouldnt believe me anyway, not today
should we stop or have we won
is it really the holy son, it is the one

what in the hell is going on
i lost my mind its long gone
dosnt really matter anyway
not today, not today

its a war its war its a warrr
for your mind for your mind all the time
its a war its a war its a warrr
for your brain for your brain
where all insane
its a war its a war its a warrr
its a war its a war its a warrr

its all happening to fast
times ticking it wont last
we might be dark for sometime
but the sun will for ever shine
you fooled me once you fooled me twice
three times that wasn't nice
think its all fun and games
watching the world go up in flames

where are we going we have we been
feels like the walls are closing in, what a sin
will you tell us when where there
the dream has become a nightmare
Track Name: Until The End
its not the end of the world just yet
raise up your hands and dont forget
we might be around for a little while
living life like its going out of style

until the end youve got a friend
until the end we wont consend

i thought i was lost then i thought i was found
couldn't match up the shapes with the sounds
jesus was coming all along
putting things back where they belong

i try to look up but there dragging me down
feels like we been all over town
lifes one big movie and were the cast
livin each day like it was our last
Track Name: There Goes The Gun
There goes the gun, looks like where all done for
but we still have some time, to get ourselves in line
just don't look back, cause you don't need that
in your life it cuts just like a knife in your life

the cool thing is not usually the cool thing to do
oh my god, its a fraud its all flawed its all fucked
if you dont believe me i guess ill see you on the other side if i catch my ride

tell me exactly what you think about this
cause you know its not bullshit, evil really dose exist
if ya ask me just follow the yellow brick road
i feel like my heads going to explode
Track Name: From The Start
I Really cant believe what is going on
I lost my my went back in time
went on an a acid trip and never returned
came back the next day with a lesson learned

What are you going to do
when you hear those voices in your head
ill be right beside you until where dead

You stole my heart, right from the start
in and out of my mind leaving this world behind
cant ya see the signs baby im just fine
but your on my mind

ill be with you until the bitter end
this is a message we must send
it dose not seem to leave my thoughts
you really cannot connect the dots
let me tell you something i learned
if you play with fire your going to get burned
i just hope you realize
its the old devil in disguise
Track Name: Dont Judge
dont judge, ya might have to awnser to the judge
ya might have to awnser to the judge some day
hey hey hey, i dont know if i should afraid
everythings going to be ok

some suddle day, and well all sit and pray
to a god above who will show us love
and the iron hand in the velvet glove
with hell beneath us, heavens out there
but do you really care living in dispair
more then you can bare
on a one way ticket to nowhere
Track Name: Farfisa Man